Vegfest London 2015 – Europe’s premier vegan festival.

If you fancy a weekend full of tasty treats, a mix of old and new favourite brands, and lots of talks, films, music and workshops, then Vegfest London is a great day out. This year, it fell across the weekend of 10/11 October and Saturday tickets completely sold out, which made it a very busy place to be from lunchtime onwards! 12,000 people were expected across the weekend, so here are some of my highlights.

Lottie’s Vegfest London 2015 favourites…

Dee’s Wholefoods – anyone who follows me on Twitter knows how my life was changed last year at Vegfest London when I tasted Dee’s sausages. Having not really liked sausages when I ate meat, it was 30 years since I’d last tasted one. Dee’s sausages are GORGEOUS and I happily spend £40 on Ocado to get my sausage fix!

BodyMe Organic Superfoods – I’ve been a huge fan of these guys since discovering them last year, and their superfood powders are organic and of the highest quality. Not a day goes by without me using their powders in my breakfast or smoothie, and they’ve also offered you lovely lot 10% off your order, so get browsing!

Vegan Sweet Tooth – I also discovered Giancarlo at Vegfest London last year when I was looking for something to take home for tea. I’m a huge fan of anything with pastry, and Giancarlo’s butternut squash and beetroot pie is the tastiest I’ve ever had. He’s a regular at Hackney Homemade Market and Chatsworth Market every weekend, and I can’t recommend his yummy food enough.

Pana Chocolate – this is my absolute favourite raw chocolate and I lingered over the tasters for quite a few minutes! Sour cherry and vanilla and orange are my two personal favourites, but every flavour is rich, delicious and two squares is more than enough to satisfy those taste buds.

Heavenly Organics Skin Care – Mary-Anne hand makes all of her gorgeous range of chemical-free, natural and organic range of products. I’m a huge fan of her entire citrus range and this bundle is one of my favourite buys. I stocked up at the show with lots of salt scrub, body wash, body oil, soap and lip balm to keep me going until Christmas.

Ruby’s of London – I discovered Ruby’s amazing cakes at Vegfest London last year, and their deliciousness stayed in my mind for the next 12 months! I decided to treat us to cupcakes – salted caramel and red velvet – a pecan brownie and apple and raspberry crumble slice. They were all everything I hoped they would be, and I’ll be back to buy more next year!

Lottie’s new finds at Vegfest London 2015…

Omni Superfood – this all-in-one blend covers your nutritional bases that you can easily enjoy in a shake or smoothie. Perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle who wants everything they need in one pack!

Katrina Fox – I met Katrina as she was signing her brand new book Vegan Ventures, which is all about starting and running an ethical, vegan business. I bought a copy as although I don’t have a product in mind right now, the growing vegan market is exploding with opportunities. I was interested to see if it might stimulate an idea as I’m sure that one day, top blogger HediHearts and I will storm the world with an exciting collaboration!

The Nude Spoon – is an exciting ice cream company, creating delicious flavours without any nasties or soya. I tried their Sultry Salted Caramel and it was really tasty – I’m looking forward to seeing their pots nestling among the bigger brands, as I will definitely be buying a (big!) tub.

Dosa Deli – we were spoiled for choice when it came to lunchtime, and after a quick look at everything on offer, I went for a Mysore Masala Dosa. This south Indian rice and lentil stuffed pancake with spiced potatoes and hot garlic chutney was freshly made in front of me. Served with a side of bombay mix and coconut chutney, it was hot, crispy, spicy and really flavourful. I’d love to run into these guys again before next year!

If I could tweak anything…

If you’ve been to other food shows, but have never yet visited Vegfest London, then get it on your radar for next year. Yes, it’s a bit rough and ready in appearance compared to something like Just V Show, but it showcases a huge range of exhibitors and passionate people who approach veganism in lots of different ways.

Unbeknown to me on the day, there was some controversy around a couple of stands that had been sold to companies that test on animals or advocate eating them as part of their brand, and there was a rumour of dairy cheese being used in a product demonstration. For me personally, it’s not a conversation I want to get involved in as I enjoyed the day for what it was, and it appears the Vegfest London organisers are well aware of the issues raised, read Tim Barford’s response here.

Lottie’s verdict on Vegfest London 2015…

I had a great day visiting Vegfest London 2015 as there was plenty for me to see, do and most importantly – taste! It felt much busier than last year, and it has moved into the main hall at Olympia because of its growing popularity. I think adjusting the opening hours to 10am – 6pm would be better for visitors and exhibitors, but whatever the timings next year, I’m looking forward to visiting another even bigger and better Vegfest London show!

Why not be vegan-curious and visit a Vegfest show near you? Find all info about locations and tickets and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.