The Protein Ball Co. – The all-round protein snack!

After reading the brilliant book Thinner, Leaner, Stronger by Mike Matthews, I’ve become happily obsessed with lifting weights and new sources of protein. So you can imagine my excitement at finding fabulous new company The Protein Ball Co. at Speciality Food Fair, who specialise in a range of natural, high protein snacks that suit a whole range of lifestyles.

The ethos behind The Protein Ball Co….

Founder Matt has carefully developed each recipe to be as clean and tasty as possible, and is adamant that top quality ingredients will only ever be used in his protein balls. He’s a strong advocate of not selling anything he wouldn’t eat himself, which is reflected in his brand ethos:

“We promise to only bring you natural, raw, protein-packed goodness. We offer a range of organic proteins within our whey, vegan and Paleo protein balls using unique flavour combinations. 

Our protein balls are stacked with benefits: gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, wheat-free, no GMOs, no added sugar and completely natural.”

I admit that I was as initially hesitant to try them, because the high protein bars I’ve tried so far have been really artificial tasting and frankly, pretty awful. You know me though, I’m a hero(!), so I steeled myself and tried each flavour…

The best bits about The Protein Ball Co….

Goji and Coconut Vegan Balls
* pitted dates * date syrup * cashew butter * goji berries * desiccated coconut * pea protein * hemp protein * rice protein * cacao powder * chia seeds
I can be a little bit hit and miss when it comes to liking coconut, so my first nibble was a cautious one. Fortunately for me, the balance between the coconut (not overpowering as I feared it could be) and sweet, fruity goji berries was just right, and I enjoyed them all. Of the three, this one falls into third place as they’re really nice, but didn’t ‘wow’ me as much as the others. This is currently the only vegan flavour, but there are rumours of more in the pipeline…

Coconut and Macadamia Whey Balls
* pitted dates * date syrup * dried whey powder * macadamia nuts * coconut * coconut oil
No matter whether you’re a nibbler or a chewer, these balls feel substantial as you eat them. There’s a lovely gentle balance of coconut flavour, mixed with the taste of macadamia nut, and the gorgeous creamy aftertaste is really moreish. I loved them so much that I tried to suck it each one so that it lasted longer lol! Not a bad result considering my cautiousness around coconuts… This one was definitely fighting for first place, but was just pipped into second.

Peanut Butter Paleo Balls
* pitted dates * date syrup * dried egg white * peanuts * peanut butter 
I literally don’t know anyone who doesn’t like peanut butter, and these bad boys won’t disappoint (or could convert you if you don’t!). They’re chewy, with a deliciously strong, peanutty flavour. The best part is that eating them isn’t a ‘claggy-roof-of-mouth’ experience like when you eat peanut butter on toast, and it doesn’t get as stuck in your teeth either! Peanut butter was the absolute winner flavour-wise for me.

If I could tweak anything…

That’s easy – I’d make sure the whole range of The Protein Ball Co. snacks were sold everywhere, so I could stock up whenever I liked!! Apart from that, I’d love more flavours in each of the vegan, Paleo and whey ranges, but these guys haven’t been going long, so I need to give them a chance to catch up to my wishes!

Lottie’s verdict on The Protein Ball Co….

I really enjoyed each flavour, and I think it’s very forward-thinking that Matt is catering to specific lifestyles, alongside anyone else who just generally enjoys healthy treats. Having six balls in each packet feels substantial when you eat them and yes, I’ve tried to eat half a pack, but failed miserably as they’re too moreish!

I’m excited to hear whispers of new flavours in the pipeline too – they’re top secret for now, but I can tell you that Peanut Butter will have to fight hard to keep its place in the number one spot! 😃 Why not be a healthy or vegan-curious foodie by trying these for yourself?

As The Protein Ball Co. goodies are so new, they’re just starting to appear in retailers, so why not ask your local health store to stock them? In the meantime, you can buy them online from and catch up with their healthy chitter chatter on Twitter and Facebook.

The small print. These products were kindly gifted by The Protein Ball Co. for me to try and review, so this is my honest opinion of them.