Savse Smoothies – Cold-pressed fruit and veg crammed full of goodness.

Juices and smoothies are all the rage these days, but most people don’t want the cost, time and hassle of prepping them. If you’re one of these people (I know I am sometimes!), then check out these handy bottles of Savse Smoothies, as famous foodie Madeleine Shaw is also a big fan.

The ethos behind Savse Smoothies…

Founder Nina was well ahead of her time when she discovered she had an iron deficiency while pregnant 30 years ago. To give her body and baby all the nutrients they needed, she decided to blend together her own special smoothies by combining fruits and vegetables.

Her children grew up drinking her freshly made delicious drinks, and loved them so much that they decided to bottle them, and share Savse smoothies with the world! Their ethos is as follows:

“We cold-press our fresh fruit and veg to ensure that each bottle is crammed full of goodness; that’s what Savse (pronounced sav-say) means from back home in Georgia. We’d never settle for anything unhealthy, heat-pasteurised or with added sugar, so we use HPP (High-Pressure Processing) to preserve our smoothies.

HPP is an innovative preservation method that allows the full fruit and veg that go into our smoothies to retain their natural goodness, without using any heat. This ensures every bottle tastes as fresh as one made in the kitchen, where it all began.”

Every bottle has 2 of your 5-a-day, so it was time to get tasting.

The best bits about Savse Smoothies…

Super Red
* strawberry • orange * kale * spinach * broccoli * celery
The first thing I realised about these Savse drinks is that they’re not your usual thick smoothies, these are very juice-like. Although the main ingredient is strawberry, it tasted mostly of orange which was a little tart, with a nice mix of strawberry in there too. There was no obvious taste of ‘green’ which I was pleased about!

There are lots of  ‘bits’ in the drink (it’s hard to tell what they are), and I think they add to the overall enjoyable texture, but I know some people can’t stand them!

Super Blue
* blueberries * kale * beetroot * spinach * blackcurrant * apple * strawberry * orange
There was a good strong mix of blueberry and blackcurrant with just a hint of beetroot, which surprisingly, was a great flavour combination. As I neared the end, there was definitely more of an aftertaste of kale, but it wasn’t strong enough to spoil the flavour.

Super Orange
* mango * celery * apple * lemon * orange * passion fruit * carrot
I love a bit of mango in my glass, so was really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately, I found the celery totally overwhelmed the rest of the flavours and despite sipping away for a while, I couldn’t finish the bottle as I just didn’t enjoy it. I’ve realised that I prefer to chew my celery, rather than drink it!

Super Green
* pear * kiwi * * lemon * banana * kale * spinach * apple
I was dreading this one as I’m an absolute wimp when it comes to drinking anything green! However, it was a delicious sweet taste of apple and pear, with a slightly savoury aftertaste. There seemed to be lots of pulp, but actually, it added to the great taste and texture. This is the only green drink I’ve ever enjoyed!

Super Purple
* beetroot * apple * lemon * lime * mango * avocado
Again, I was nervous about trying this one as I love eating beetroot, but wasn’t feeling confident about drinking it. It’s true that the beetroot is the overwhelming taste and of course, gives it that fabulous colour. I couldn’t really taste any of the other fruit ingredients although their presence meant that the earthy beetroot flavour wasn’t overwhelming. It was actually a ‘lighter’ juice drink because of the rest of the fruits and again, it was a definite tick in my book for this one.

If I could tweak anything…

The only suggestion I would make is the use of the word ‘smoothies’. To me (and most people I suspect), smoothies are thick and creamy, whereas these drink are definitely ‘juices with bits’ in my book.

Lottie’s verdict on Savse Smoothies…

I loved almost every bottle, even the green one which astonished me! If you want to drink your fruit and veg without the expense, hassle and time of using a juicer, then these Savse Smoothies are perfect for goodness on the run. Why not be vegan-curious and try them for yourself?

You can buy the whole range of Savse smoothies from your local stockist. Pop over to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch with all things healthy, and you might even feature as one of their Savse Super Fans.

The small print. These products were kindly gifted by Savse Smoothies for me to try and review, so this is my honest opinion of them. I wasn’t paid to write this and let’s face it, if it was an advert, I would have loved them all equally! :o)