YGRT – good food that’s healthy and tasty.

If you think you’ve got a sweet tooth, then let’s have some sort of dessert challenge because I really think I could enter the Olympics and win gold with mine! Happily, I’ve just found an amazing array of vegan and veggie treats that actually make me wish I commuted into London every day, just so I could visit them regularly.

YGRT are a fabulous little company who make the most amazing yoghurt creations. They’re currently appearing in pop-ups and markets around London, so let me share their delicious offering with you.

The ethos behind YGRT…

Founder Joumana is originally from Lebanon and yoghurt was a staple in most of her meals as she was growing up. The big difference was that it was always eaten as a savoury accompaniment, and it wasn’t until she moved to the UK that she realised we usually eat as a sweet!

Although Joumana worked as a renewable energy engineer, specialising in energy from food waste for 10 years, she decided it was time to break away from her desk and follow her passion for creating healthy, yoghurt-based desserts.

“All of our food is handmade with love and care. We love to show people that good food can be healthy AND taste great. The natural sweetness in our pots, puddings and smoothies surprises and delights everyone who tries them.

We offer at least one superfood in every pot and only use the freshest, high-quality ingredients.”

There’s a wonderful sweet and savoury range of dishes to choose from for both veggies and vegans, as all bases can be either Greek yoghurt or coconut yoghurt, and the honey swapped out for agave or maple syrup. I was spoiled for choice on the day, but as you can probably guess, I opted to taste the sweet treats…

The best bits about YGRT…

Choco Pomegranate
* coconut yoghurt * dark chocolate chips * pomegranate * shredded coconut * fresh mint * chia seeds
I wasn’t 100% sure that these flavour combinations would work well together, as I’m never quite sure whether I like the crunch of pomegranate seeds. I dived in and got a little bit of everything on the spoon, and it worked pretty well. I don’t think I’d order this one as a big pot as it was nice, but there were some even better combos to come…

Daily Special
* coconut yoghurt * fresh orange * pumpkin seeds * sunflower seeds * almonds * toasted coconut chips * orange zest * agave
This one was definitely a close second place to the Canadian in the taste stakes. The freshness of the juicy orange pieces combined with the creamy yoghurt and crunch from the nuts and seeds was sublime. It felt like I was eating a really tasty, guilt-free, healthy treat, which makes it a total winner in my book!

* coconut yoghurt * banana * walnuts * dates * maple syrup * cinnamon
There’s a reason I got this one as a full-sized pot – all of the ingredients are all of my favourite sweet things! I can hardly describe just how good this tasted because I’m drooling as I’m writing this. It’s a mix of ingredients whose flavours work in perfect harmony together. YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE PEOPLE! (Yes, it really was that good!)

Classic GranoBerry
* coconut yoghurt * blueberries * raspberries * goji berries * agave * homemade granola
This one is only for the veggies or ‘beegans’ (vegans who eat honey), as the homemade granola does contain honey. The granola was out of this world – it was so crunchy thanks to the piles of gorgeous nuts and seeds, with a slight sweetness from the honey and maple syrup. Mix that with the fresh berries and creamy coconut yoghurt and you’ve got the greatest tasting breakfast on the go. I would buy this every morning if I could, it was exquisite.

Matcha Chia Pudding
* almond milk * chia seeds * agave * matcha * mango
Now you know I’m always honest in my reviews, and this green pot of matcha wasn’t making my insides do a happy dance. Yes it’s really healthy and loads of foodies love it, but I’m just not one of them ok?! I lifted the spoon in trepidation and it tasted ok (a strong endorsement from someone who thinks matcha is ‘meh’).

However, I was unprepared for what was to follow. Sensing my lack of matcha love, it was dutifully topped with mango and some sort of voodoo magic happened – the two flavours mixed together were really, really nice. I still can’t believe I’m saying it, so I guess the evidence lies in me eating the rest of the big pot on the train home a couple of hours later…

If I could tweak anything…

Well, this one is easy, I wish these guys had a permanent residence somewhere! Having tasted less than half of the range has given me the desire to try everything else. I know that running their own healthy YGRT cafe is on the cards for the future, and I’ll definitely back to visit whenever they set up shop.

Lottie’s verdict on YGRT…

Many of us have eaten copious pots of low-fat yoghurts over the years as a ‘diet treat’ (read, no treat whatsoever). It’s only when you taste the decadent creaminess of Greek or coconut yoghurt mixed with an array of complimentary flavours, that you truly realise how delicious yoghurt can be.

Joumana channels her passion for food into each and every one of her pots, puds and smoothies. She cares about the quality of her food and is always coming up with new recipes to delight her customers. It’s an absolute taste sensation for vegans and veggies everywhere, so why not be vegan-curious and try it for yourself?

YGRT are in their final week at Old Street Station, London, so rush on down there while you can and your taste buds will thank you for it! They’ll also be appearing at other pop-up events and markets, check out the YGRT website for their next location. Drool over their amazingly healthy creations on TwitterFacebook and Instagram,

The small print. These tasters were kindly gifted by YGRT for me to try and review, so this is my honest opinion of them. I wasn’t paid to post this and let’s face it, if it was an advert, I would have loved them all equally. 😀