Living Juice – The goodness of fresh, raw fruit… bottled.

Are you worried about drinking fruit juice because of ‘high sugar’ and ‘blood spike’ warnings? Well worry no more. I found fab, healthy brand Living Juice at Be:Fit London, who will help you overcome the fear!

The ethos behind Living Juice…

Living Juice founder Remona is on a mission to give fruit juice back its good name. She was fed-up with experts calling juice unhealthy because it’s ‘full of sugar’ and has ‘none of the fruits original nutrients’.

So here comes the science bit: the experts are right because most juices are heat pasteurised. This cooks the fruit, damages the structure and leaves a ‘fructose soup’. But Remona believes fruit juice is healthy when you do it the right way, so the Living Juice ethos they live by is:

“We cold-press our fresh fruit to keep the vitamins, antioxidants and enzyme bonds bio-active. Our high-pressure technique means the juice stays raw – and LIVING. We also use fruit pulp in our Living Juices to deliver an additional benefit of dietary fibre too!

There’s nothing added. And nothing taken away. That’s why Living Juice holds around 50% more nutrients than regular pasteurised juices.”

Find out more about Living Nutrition here. It’s great to see they’re so passionate about helping people to understand the difference in quality, when there’s so much choice out there.

The best bits about Living Juice…

Apple, Pear and Raspberry
* fresh cold-pressed apple juice * pear juice * raspberry puree
I usually find apple juice much too sweet, so didn’t have high hopes for this one. One sip told me I was completely wrong! Although the raspberry puree is the smallest percentage of the mix, the sweet and sour flavour of it equals out any over-sweetness of the apple. The pear is subtle but helps to balance the flavours beautifully – this one is definitely my favourite!

Orange and Kiwi
* fresh cold-pressed orange juice * kiwi puree
This one tastes really fresh with a slightly sharp orange flavour. I couldn’t really taste the kiwi very much, but there’s loads of juicy bits and kiwi seeds floating around as you drink it. I enjoyed it but as with all of them, if you prefer your juices smooth, this definitely isn’t for you!

Pineapple, Melon and Mango
* fresh cold-pressed pineapple juice * cantaloupe melon puree * mango puree * passion fruit juice
This juice has a great mix of all three flavours, all complimentary without overpowering each other. It’s slightly sharp but has a great fruity taste as you’d expect, and lots of lovely pulpy bits. It was really refreshing to drink on a sunny day.

* fresh, cold-pressed orange
This bottle is half the size of the others, making it the perfect size for a shot of goodness at breakfast time. Seasonal varieties are always used so it’s got the tangy taste of real oranges, with lots of lovely pulp. Delicious!

Coconut Water
* fresh, young, green coconut water
This is the first coconut water I’ve seen that has a hint of pink. This isn’t a marketing trick though, apparently a pink blush indicates high antioxidant activity! Now truth time: I don’t like coconut water so had a tiny sip in anticipation of wrinkling up my nose…

To my utter surprise, I actually liked it because there was just a gentle taste of coconuts. Nothing overpowering or strange-tasting like I usually find, just a delicate and delicious flavour.

If I could tweak anything…

I was genuinely a fan of all of the flavours, so the only slight tweak would be to the orange and kiwi. The kiwi puree is more neutral in flavour than something like raspberries, so I felt it added texture rather than taste.

Lottie’s verdict on Living Juice…

The care and passion that Remona puts into her drinks is obvious when you talk to her in person. For people who only get to meet the juices, don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed either. These healthy, raw, living juices are equally delicious and nutritious. Why not be vegan-curious and try them for yourself?

You can buy Living Juices from their online store and get 10% off orders of £45 or more. Check out #LivingMyThing and get yourself on their wall of fame, and follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The small print. These products were kindly gifted by Living Juice for me to try and review, so this is my honest opinion of them. I wasn’t paid to post this and let’s face it, if it was an advert, I would have loved them all equally! 😉