Kaizen Living – The Home of Nature’s Superfoods.

We all know superfoods are a brilliant way to boost your healthy lifestyle, but how on earth do you figure out which ones you actually need? It turns out the guys at Kaizen Living already knew what you were thinking! They’ve devised an easy peasy ‘how do you want to feel?‘ page to answer that for you.

The ethos behind Kaizen Living…

Founder Rob has always loved sports and generally keeping fit and healthy. Having developed an interest in nutrition over the last few years, discovering superfoods was a natural step and he’s been a fan ever since. Having sampled most of what was available in the UK, he realised that quality and value don’t always go hand in hand.

As with most small business owners, his passion took over and he decided to take a huge career gamble by starting his own superfoods brand. Having done lots of travelling all over the world, and with experience in another import/export industry, he decided to transfer his skills into his passion. 

The word Kaizen is based on the Japanese principle of ‘continual improvement’ and their own ethos reflects this:

“With a huge scoop of help from Mother Nature, our amazing superfoods have incredible qualities that can help everyone to reach their true potential. They’re all 100% organic, vegan, additive-free, gluten-free, and nutrient and vitamin-rich.

We have travelled all over the planet to source the very finest quality organic superfoods.”

So let’s have a look at some of their range.

The best bits about Kaizen Living superfoods…

Chia Seeds
* 100% organic chia seeds
I’m a big fan of chia seeds as power pellets in smoothies, an extra topping on my muesli, and egg replacer in recipes. They’re virtually tasteless, so you can enjoy them in lots of ways, just make sure the black ones don’t get stuck in your teeth!

Chia is high in calcium (5 x more than milk), iron (3 x more than iron) and fibre. It helps you to feel full as it swells up to 10 times it’s size (handy for helping to keep your weight under control), and helps lower cholesterol.

Cacao Nibs
* 100% raw, organic cacao nibs
A small sprinkle of nibs give you a big burst of rich, dark, chocolatey flavour. It’s definitely a bit of a transition from your usual bar of milk chocolate to raw, cacao based bars and nibs. However, once you cross that bridge, you’ll never go back to the dark side again…

Cacao is high in fibre, iron and magnesium, and helps to regulate your blood sugar. It’s a natural mood lifter and is one of the best natural antioxidants on the planet – all of this AND it tastes like chocolate!

Chlorella Tablets
* 100% organic chlorella
I’m an absolute wimp when it comes to green powders. My head wants to like them, knowing how much they’re packed full of green goodness. However, my taste buds refuse to play ball and I just can’t stomach the flavour of grassy stuff. Finding chlorella in tablet form was perfect for my picky palette, as it meant I could reap the benefits without the taste!

Chlorella contains over 60% protein, it’s high in vitamin B12, vitamin E and iron, balances gut bacteria, alkalises the body and boost your immunity.

If I could tweak anything…

Hmm, well what would I change? They’re organic superfoods, so what’s not to like? At this stage absolutely nothing, apart from the fact they’re not available in every shop lol!

Lottie’s verdict on Kaizen Living…

Rob has taken a leap of faith by starting his business, and his passion for quality products really shines through when you chat to him. Most of us think we should be eating some sort of superfoods in our diet, and I found that the Kaizen Living website helped me to pick and choose which ones I needed. It stopped me panic buying everything, and let me invest my cash in what was right for me. Why not be vegan-curious and try them for yourself?

You can buy the whole range of Kaizen Living goodies from their online store. Pop over to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch with all things healthy, and you might even feature on The Social Patch.

The small print. Some of these products were kindly gifted by Kaizen Living for me to try and review, so this is my honest opinion of them.