I’m not any kind of fashionista, but I do love to show off my autumn/winter collection of… recipes! Although the days are darker and colder, the upside is there’s an exciting change of food at every meal time, and breakfast is the best place to start. My ginger nut crunch muesli and banana berry smoothie has been my go-to for a long while, but I need something to warm me up mid-morning these days, and porridge is a great base to start with.

My foodie friend Hedi Hearts is a self-confessed porridge queen, and was the first to tell me how quick, easy and delicious it is to make. So here’s my favourite porridge recipe, which is warm, filling and packed full of vegan goodness.

Some healthy reasons you should definitely try this…
* Chia seeds are amazing – there’s 10 grams of fibre in two tablespoons, which is almost half of your daily needs taken care of. They also absorb up to ten times their weight in liquid when you eat them, which is a brilliant way to keep you fuller for longer.
* Dried goji berries are bursting with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids, which is why they’re such an amazing superfood, and I’ve managed to find them preservative-free at Bulk Powders.
* Walnuts – just 1/4 cup fulfils almost all of your daily omega 3 needs, plus when you eat them with the skin on, you get all of the great antioxidants stored inside. They’re also are packed with vitamin E, helping to keep your peachy skin glowing.
* Pumpkin seeds are one of the best sources of zinc, helping to balance your blood sugar and stop those pesky snacking spikes.

Fruity Chia Porridge…

Makes 1 bowl

Get these ready…
• Small pan  • Wooden spoon  • Measuring cups  • Measuring spoons  • Bowl  • Blender or food processor

The porridgey bits…
– 1/4 cup of oats (gluten-free if needed)
– 1 medium ripe banana
– 3/4 cup almond milk (homemade is easy)

Sprinkle of yummy bits…
– 2 tbsp chia seeds
– 1/4 cup walnuts
– Mulberries
– Gojis
– Pumpkin seeds

Let’s start cooking…
Blend the milk and banana together in your blender until it’s deliciously smooth.

* Top Tip *
If you don’t have time to blend them together, just chop up the banana into your porridge once it’s cooked.

Add the oats to the pan, pour on the banana milk and cook over a medium heat. Keep stirring as it starts to bubble to avoid any lumpy bits, and pour into a bowl once it’s reached the thickness and texture you love. This will take around five minutes, depending on how thick you like it.

Stir through the chia seeds and sprinkle on your nuts, seeds and fruit.

* Top Tip *
I take my porridge to work in a thermos flask to enjoy mid-morning, which means the chia has absorbed the milk, expanded and set the porridge firm. To loosen it up again, I pour on an extra quarter cup of cold almond milk and stir through, returning it to its deliciously warm and milky state.

Porridge is fabulous as it’s so versatile, and it’s really easy to create your own milk blends and toppings; syrup, raisins, sunflower seeds, cacao nibs, maca powder… What would your dream toppings be?