Battle of the blenders…

What’s your dream kitchen gadget? I’ve spent the best part of nine months dreaming about owning an amazing blender, but it’s tough to decide which one to buy and how much to spend as they range anywhere between £299 – £650!

The top four for me were:

The Vitamix is arguably the most well-known, with Blendtec snapping at its heels, and I hadn’t actually heard of the other two until my lovely Twitter followers threw them into the mix. After much deliberation, comparisons, and watching hours of YouTube demos, I plumped for a red Froothie Optimum 9400.

Froothie Optimum 9400…

At £359, it’s definitely a long-term investment; if you prefer a white or silver version you can pick them up for £329, or a black one for £339. It comes with a 5 year warranty which you can extend to 10 years, plus a 30 day money back guarantee, giving me total confidence when parting with my hard-earned cash!

I got an email at each stage of the shipping process, which heightened my excitement as it only took two days from payment to delivery. My Froothie Optimum 9400 now has pride of place in my kitchen.

My favourite Froothie recipes…

Almond Milk
I make almond milk every 5 days and using a food processor has been easy, although my pulp always had a large ‘crumb’ consistency after blitzing, and the milk was translucent white in colour. In the Froothie Optimum 9400, the nuts and water blended beautifully and the leftover pulp was almost puree. It gives the milk a gorgeously creamy white colour, silky texture and even more delicious taste. This alone sold me on its power and versatility, so I was eager to try more.

Breakfast Smoothie
A smoothie is the perfect meal on the run, and a homemade version contains no nasties and takes ten minutes to make. In my old blender I needed to let the frozen fruit start to defrost, but my Froothie easily handles berries, melon balls and peach slices. Now I have a smoothie in five minutes!

Raw Berry Porridge
I love this alternative to overnight oats which is a mix of soaked oat groats, berries, almond milk and BodyMe Super Energy mix. Another blitzed brekkie in five minutes flat.

Chunky Tomato Sauce
I used the pulse function to blend up the onions, garlic, tomato, balsamic and herbs, and created an easy, tasty sauce to pour over my pasta. I was worried I might have tainted the jug with the taste of such strong ingredients, but I can report my almond milk was as delicious as ever the next day.

If I could tweak anything…

I think it’s obvious I love my Froothie Optimum 9400, however there are some things it struggles with that I wanted to share, as all kitchen gadgets have their pros and cons:

  • Recipes with small quantities may mean there’s not enough mix in the jug for it to blend properly
  • A lack of some sort of liquid can make blending difficult
  • The tamper tool feels a little bit short if you only have a small amount in the jug

Lottie’s verdict on the Froothie Optimum 9400…

I love my Froothie Optimum 9400 blender so much that I’ve asked Froothie to make me an ambassador, as I’d genuinely recommend them now I have mine. If you’ve decided to invest in any of their blenders or juicers, and buy from one of the links in this post, I’ll receive a small ambassador payment. This in turn, helps me to run my blog, so thanks in advance and I know you’ll love it as much as I do!

If you have any questions about blenders, I’ll do my best to help 🙂