I’m just going to come out and say it – I’m a total BodyMe groupie! Thankfully, not in a crazy stalker kind of way, so they’ve kindly embraced my fangirl attention and given you a SPECIAL OFFER code – so keep reading!

Owners Leigh and Chris are awesome guys who care about the quality of their products and the happiness of their customers. Which is just like me when it comes to my lovely healthy lifestyle clients over at www.thatcopygirl.com

Leigh and I have often chatted at food shows about all things health and fitness as we’re both avid lifters, 💪  while bemoaning the lack of quality protein bars available. Well, you can imagine how excited I was when he told me they were about to solve that problem with raw, organic, vegan protein bars, woo hoo!

I knew they’d be full of top quality ingredients because BodyMe already stocks awesome superfoods, and I was already impressed that the protein content was so high in a non-whey protein bar – 16g of pure plant protein. The only thing making me nervous was the taste; others I’ve tried have been so sickly sweet that I couldn’t finish them, so would these finally be an improvement on flavour?

The ethos behind BodyMe…

As a family run business based in Bristol, BodyMe takes pride in sourcing high quality, organic superfoods from around the world. This makes it easy to add nutritious foods to your daily lifestyle, safe in the knowledge that each one is hand packed with care in-house. As Leigh explains:

“With life experience in nutrition, bodybuilding and strength training, I looked for a better, healthier way, in-sync with nature and the planet. I found raw plant protein and superfoods – raw plant foods, fuelled by the sun, formed by nature, and packed full of nutrients craved and recognised by the body. It seemed right, synergistic and sustainable!

After months of trialing every plant protein and superfood under the sun (excuse the pun), I was hooked! Not only did it improve my training and recovery, but I felt better, healthier and more ethical. I wanted to spread the word and provide people with great products to help them love life by living it to the max – naturally!”

BodyMe also donates 10% of their net profits to charity every year (seriously, how much more can you love these guys?!), so let’s check out some of their products.

The best bits about BodyMe…

Cacao Orange Protein Bar
* pea, brown rice & hemp protein * cashews * dates * coconut nectar * cacao * cacao nibs * water * coconut oil * orange oil

Orange and chocolate is always an amazing combo in my eyes and this bar did not disappoint! As you can see from the ingredients, there’s no artificial rubbish in here. Instead, you get the pure flavour of orange oil and cacao with the gorgeous crunch of cacao nibs. Eating this one felt like an absolute treat, and it also happened to have the massive bonus that it’s also packed with goodness your body loves. This is absolutely my favourite flavour ❤️💛💚

Chia Vanilla Protein Bar
* pea, brown rice & hemp protein * cashews * dates * coconut nectar * chia seeds * water * cacao * coconut oil * vanilla extract

The vanilla and chia protein bar was much more subtle in flavour, and I loved it as an early morning pre-gym snack when I wasn’t seeking sweetness or strong flavours. The vanilla comes through gently and you get a slight crunch from the chia as you chew (different from the nibs though). Although I enjoyed it, this isn’t one I would seek out as a treat, it was definitely more of a ‘get the job done’ snack before killing it in the gym!

Cacao Mint Protein Bar
* pea, brown rice & hemp protein * cashews * dates * coconut nectar * cacao * cacao nibs * water * coconut oil * peppermint oil

Chocolate and mint is another classic flavour pairing and as a kid, I used to devour After Eight chocolates by the handful! Thankfully, my tastes have refined over the years, and this grown-up flavour is now much more enticing to me. The secret to the bar’s great taste is the peppermint oil, as you just can’t beat this kind of pure flavour over a bunch of artificial chemicals. The mint, chocolate and crunch of cacao nibs made it the perfect combo of taste, texture and energy-giver – what more do you want from a protein bar?

BodyMe also have a huge range of organic superfoods – cacao powder, chia seeds, lucuma, matcha to name but a few – so I also tried a couple of their blends.

Super Energy Mix
* baobab * guarana * maca * lucuma * acai
These 5 energy foods and natural caffeine are a great addition to your daily healthy diet. Here’s a quick overview of their highlights:

Baobab – high in fibre, calcium, vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals.
Guarana – this is a caffeine equivalent.
Maca – high in fibre, calcium, vitamin B6, potassium, iron, zinc and other minerals.
Lucuma – a great source of vitamins B1, B2 and potassium.
Acai Berry – high in omega fats, vitamins E, B1, B2, iron and a great source of calcium and potassium.

This super energy mix has a slightly sweet taste, which makes it perfect for adding to your smoothies and porridge. All of the flavours blend beautifully together, and it really is a pleasure to eat. The fact that it’s also organic, vegan and gluten-free is the cherry on the super energy cake, I love it!

Super Greens Mix
* wheatgrass * barley grass * spirulina * chlorella
These power foods are some of the most nutrient dense green foods on the planet, which sounds pretty impressive and made me curious to try it.

Wheatgrass and Barley Grass – New Zealand green foods grasses are renowned for their high quality. They contain many more nutrients than grasses grown anywhere else in the world including more chlorophyll, fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Spirulina and Chlorella – these algae green foods are considered by many as nature’s most complete and nutrient dense green foods. BodyMe chlorella has cracked cell walls which are essential for absorption of its key nutrients.

Truth time – I eat a lot of healthy food but green powders scare me! A quick smell and taste confirmed my suspicion that it (unsurprisingly) tastes of grass. There was no way this was sneaking into my smoothie, so I found the next best thing – homemade veggie soup. I cautiously stirred in a 1/4 tsp and it tasted… *trumpets please* OK!

It’s definitely one of those things I’d eat because I know it’s good for me, rather than because I love the taste. I’m a sucker for great ingredients though, so the organic, vegan and gluten-free credentials have made me find ways to enjoy it! It works great in these Dee’s Veg Pots, and I can sneak it into this homemade tomato sauce.

If I could tweak anything…

I absolutely love the protein bars and there’s been a massive gap in the market for years that I think these raw, organic, vegan bars fill. When it comes to changing anything, in all honesty, the only thing I want to tweak is my taste buds. I wish I wasn’t such a green powder wimp!

Lottie’s verdict on BodyMe…

The world of protein bars and superfood powders can be a very confusing one, so I say “hooray” for BodyMe. Armed with their great website and pure, organic ingredients in every product, everything they supply is of the highest quality. The protein bars are really filling and I often split them over two days, as they’re perfect for satisfying sweet cravings, while actually filling you up at the same time. Why not be vegan-curious and try these out for yourself?

A special BodyMe discount just for you…

If you fancy trying out any of these gorgeous protein bars, you can get ANY 3 flavours for ONLY £6 + 99p postage!  This is a special price for a limited time, so just follow these simple steps:

  • Use this special link www.bodyme.co.uk to go to the website
  • Add any 3 bars of your favourite flavours to your basket
  • Add discount code TCG3BAR and click ‘update order’. Total is now £6
  • Click ‘Continue to Checkout’ and select ‘Delivery Option £0.99 standard 2 to 3 days

This protein bar offer is only available until 31st October 2016, so get stocked up while you can!

You can also buy a whole range of BodyMe organic superfoods in their web shop, and get lots of helpful superfoods tips on Twitter and Facebook.

The small print. These organic products were kindly gifted by BodyMe for me to try and review, so this is my honest opinion of them. I enjoyed them so much that I’ve now become a proud affiliate, so I may receive a small commission on any special offer links you click at no extra cost to yourself.